The Spirit Of The Hunter

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The Spirit of the Hunter is a Rail Tours has been in the making for the

 last 4 years. This company is started out in providing Rail tours to the public.

we have purchased a R class Steam Locomotive from Victoria (R766).

The Spirit of The Hunter is  part of The Hunter Valley Railway Trust for more

information go to the Links page to looked at the Site

  Over the last few years we have taken this locomotive Converted it from

 Board Gauge to Standard Gauge to run in NSW and to Other States in

 Australia, and rebuilt the the Main Wheels and other parts on the Loco,

 this Loco uses Diesel Instead of coal to firer the Boiler in this  train with

this it makes it cleaner to run train. This Train has been repainted back

 to simular colours as they first were back in the 1944

The locomotive is currently on track trials in ready for it Grand First run in

 the hunter

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