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About the Train (R766) and Carriages

The hunter Valley  Limited Is a Rail Tours has been in the making for the last 4 years. This company started out in providing Rail tours to the public. we have purchased an r class Steam Locomotive from Victoria from 

    over the last few years we have taken this locomotive Converted it from Board Gauge to Standard Gauge to run in NSW and to Other States in Australia, and rebuilt the the Main Wheels and other parts on the Loco, this Loco uses Diesel Instead of coal to firer the Boiler in this  train with this it makes it cleaner to run train.

Victorian Railways R class
Victorian Railways R class
Victorian Railways publicity photograph of R 701, 1951
Power type steam
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow
Configuration 4-6-4
Driver size 73 in (1,853 mm)
Length 77 ft 3 in (23.55 m)
Axle load 19 t 10 cwt (19.8 t)
Weight on drivers 58 t 10 cwt (59.4 t)
Locomotive weight 107 t 12 cwt (engine)
79 t 16 cwt (tender)
187 t 8 cwt (190.4 t) (total)
Tender capacity 6 t (6.1 t) coal
9,000 imp gal (40,900 l) water
Boiler pressure 210 psi (1.44 MPa)
Fire grate area 42 ft (3.9 m)
Heating surface: Total 2,705 ft (251.3 m)
Cylinders 2
Cylinder size 2128 in (546711 mm)
Tractive effort 32,080 lbf (145.5 kN) at 85% boiler pressure
Number in class 70

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